Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial teaser – Algorithm

Volkswagen is ‘working on it’ as they say: they’re next in the Super Bowl teasers list. The Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial teaser involves a scientific(looking) approach, dubbed ‘Algorithm’. The ‘scientist’ (German accent involved, of course) notes that they’ve taken apart all of the succesful humor ads and put all of their elements in one single ad. It’s safe to say not all goes as planned…

On the whiteboard behind the scientist a woman is seen scribbling, where things like twerking?, puppies, groin hits and celebrities are put in their separate squares.


A tv is rolled in view by the woman, showing a Volkswagen car in the center with many ‘fun’ elements around it. First up is Carmen Electra, but we also see the aforementioned puppies, as well as babies, a cow, Abraham Lincoln and much more.

If this is what they are working on, I truly wonder what the end result will be on February 2nd. Anyways, this Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial teaser is pretty well done, but I do favor the Axe Super Bowl commercial – Make love not war commercial. So far.

In the campaign, they are promoting the fact that they have more cars with over 100k miles on the road than any other brand.

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  1. January 23, 2014

    […] with the Volkswagen – Algorithm commercial, it’s not the finished commercial just yet. This behind the scenes with David Beckham though […]

  2. January 24, 2014

    […] the second automotive Super Bowl commercial we posted, we got some comparison material now for the Volkswagen Algorithm commercial preview. As much as I liked that one for ‘Germaness’ and Americans looking at American fun […]

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