H&M Super Bowl commercial: David Beckham behind the scenes


H&M is the next brand offering a preview of what’s coming soon. The H&M Super Bowl commercial will feature David Beckham doing various action moves. Here’s the behind the scenes video H&M posted online. Essentially, this one is for the ladies:

H&M Super Bowl commercial

H&M Super Bowl commercial: extra behind the scenes video

Next to the official video, we’ve got another behind the scenes video of the shooting. This second one shows David in three separate scenes going through his paces, getting his jumps, runs and ziplining action recorded on screen:

As with the Volkswagen – Algorithm commercial, it’s not the finished commercial just yet. This behind the scenes with David Beckham though gives some insight into what H&M is working on. The commercial itself is meant to promote David Beckham’s own line of clothing called ‘David Beckham – bodywear for H&M’.

Some action in a commercial is always good: it gives a much more involved feeling to the viewer. A rather bland description or promotion of a product doesn’t stick. It really is just wasted marketing budget: that twist of action (ok, this is Beckham, but still) makes people pay attention. This is regardless of the product or service you are selling. Not all brands can work with this though, so be sure to check what fits the product and brand you’re promoting.

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