Dove real beauty sketches ad – building positive self-esteem

Dove is known for having ads that focus on women being themselves and being happy with the body they have. In the Dove real beauty sketches ad they chose to show it in a new way. A former police sketch artist is shown sitting in a hall, where women sit behind a curtain describing themselves to him. He cannot see them, he’s only allowed to ask questions about their physical appearance.

The second part involves other women who met those of the first round of sketches describing those women. Later the sketches are compared. It shows how the women are harsh on themselves when describing themselves. Here’s how the setup in the Dove real beauty sketches ad was done:


The video is long: just over 3 minutes, but the way it’s done makes it feel like you’re watching just one minute. This Dove real beauty sketches ad captures what is wrong with women’s own image, and shows that other people often have a more positive opinion about a woman’s looks than the woman has of herself.

In previous videos in the ‘Real beauty’ series, Dove has shown things like the way a model is turned into a superbeauty. The video is called Evolution and can be seen here on YouTube.

More videos and the complete story can be found on the Dove site.

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