Do it for Denmark! by Spies Rejser travel agency

Danish travel agency Spies Rejser has launched ‘Do it for Denmark!’. It’s a competition with a brilliant video to encourage Danish people to have sex, to counter declining birth rates.

Spies’ promotional video shows statistics that 10% of Danish people are conceived on holiday – and 46% have more sex while on vacation.

Watch the Do it for Denmark! video below (English subtitles):


Do it for Denmark! website, mission, rules and prizes

The website called shows the promotional video, the mission and the rules. The rules include the following:

1) book a trip with Spies Rejser – using their ovulation discount.
2) travel to your favorite place and let yourself be seduced by the city pulse (ahem).
3) Send pictures of your positive pregnancy tests and your medical record as proof that the journey has led to a pregnancy, and join the competition.
4) A little baby is obviously a huge benefit in itself, but to help you through the first few years, we have some amazing baby relevant prizes.

The prizes of the Do it for Denmark! competition include the following: three years of free baby supplies as well as a child-friendly holiday for the winning couple.

The website also notes that some couples already have one or more children, or have more difficulty conceiving a child. The response to that: “It’s not just about winning, all the fun is in participating”.

I must say, this is one daring ad by the Danish travel agency. Do it for Denmark! is a tongue-in-cheek ad, which does however expose an underlying problem. The aging problem affects many developed countries. Who knows, fun competitions like these or more serious initiatives can turn the tide of the declining birth rate.

In any case, it’s a very creative way to sell vacation trips to couples. Romantic getaway cities that are shown are Paris, London and Rome:


However, other destinations are an option as well. What do you think, will this deliver a lot of business to Spies Rejser, and maybe babies? I’m not sure, but I do like the originality of the campaign and the video.


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