DHL is faster commercial: brilliant Trojan package

This DHL is faster commercial is brilliant. The marketer who came up with this should be given a huge bonus. The commercial is about the delivery of a big package. At the beginning however, this package is black. This is done in an ingenious way. By cooling it down below zero, the package’ special thermoadaptive foil makes it all black. But after a while, it warms up. It shows the well known yellow and red from DHL. On the top the box is showing off the slogan ‘DHL is faster’. They chose to do it this way because regular display advertising (showing off Times Square’s billboards) is expensive.


DHL purposefully chose its competitors TNT, UPS and DPD to deliver the packages. Also, difficult addresses were chosen to make the delivery extra tough. Near the end of the video you see one guy who has covered the DHL is faster slogan with tape: he didn’t play along.

As such, this DHL is faster commercial and campaign is brilliant. Very simple, well executed and deservedly gone viral. I wonder whether the marketers at its competitors DPD, TNT and UPS are now thinking ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’. Because a campaign like this can only be done once, of course.

Take a look at the video above, or see it at the Marketing Examples YouTube channel here.

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