Devil Baby Attack – Devil’s Due promo

How do you promote a new horror movie in an original way? This creative team has come up with a brilliant solution: Devil Baby Attack. It’s a Devil’s Due promo where an animatronic baby can be seen sitting in a remotely controlled stroller. Watch the reactions on the people’s faces which was recorded with hidden cameras.


When the unsuspecting people get closer, the stroller’s hood goes down and the baby pops up, scaring the bejeezus out of people. This Devil Baby Attack video is an excellent (though heart-stopping) public prank to create buzz for the movie.

The official (2nd) trailer for the horror movie Devil’s Due was posted a month earlier. Here’s the second trailer:

The movie is in cinemas now across the world. Coincidentally, the movie has been received with poor reviews, scoring only 4,4 on IMdB.

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