Bud Light Arnold Schwarzenegger Super Bowl Commercial 2014 preview

With the big event coming up soon, there’s a Bud Light Arnold Schwarzenegger teaser ad ahead of the Super Bowl 2014. It involves Arnold Schwarzenegger prepping for the big show. However, it is not how you expected it to be.

This double feature represents two videos, each running at 17 seconds, featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold is seen in classic 70s outfit and hairdo (ahem) zipping up his training jacket and warming up on his end of the table.


We will be posting a lot more Super Bowl teaser videos and previews soon, as the event is less than 2 weeks away from now. It’s safe to say we can’t wait for the full Bud Light Arnold Schwarzenegger video ad that will be aired on Feb 2nd.

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  1. January 21, 2014

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