Bra Party! Hunkemöller shoppable video

The Bra Party! Hunkemöller shoppable video is one of YouTube’s first interactive videos when it comes to shopping. The video shows Dutch famous glamour woman Sylvie Meis walking down a hotel hallway. She is followed by hotel personnel carrying several boxes to the ‘Royal Suite’. After entering the suite, a warm welcome from her friends ensues, as well as the opening of the boxes.

Out come the bras, and that’s also where the uniqueness of the ‘shoppable video’ is shown. The Bra Party! Hunkemöller video has clickable bra sets on the right of the video, which lead you straight to the webshop where you can buy them. Talk about innovation! Finally a product promo video where you can buy the article shown in them right away.

Check out the video if you haven’t already done that:


Finally the YouTube platform gets a boost for ecommerce. From this moment on, webshops and large web stores will be able to show products in promotional videos and have the audience click through directly to buy the product!

This opens up many possibilities, from upsell to cross sell, from descriptive product video’s to live product introductions. Imagine the next Samsung phone or Apple gadget being introduced in a live YouTube broadcast, where you can buy it straight from the video while it is being introduced. This Bra Party! Hunkemöller video on YouTube is only the beginning, mark my words. Many commercial YouTube partners will follow who have products to sell that fit such a video and will reach a proper audience size.

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