Axe Super Bowl commercial: Make love not war

The 2014 Axe Super Bowl commercial is pretty cool. We already showed a preview of Bud Light’s Arnold warming up, but this one about Axe Peace is very neat.

Some classic (cold) war situations are portrayed in this video. The resemblance to situations in and with North Korea, Iran and Vietnam is clear. The Axe Super Bowl commercial starts with men carrying a briefcase cuffed, and a woman walking down the street of an urban warzone as a tank approaches.


It’s an impressive video altogether, imho: taking politically loaded themes / situations and use them to promote a classic slogan ‘make love not war’. This Axe Super Bowl commercial¬†is high up the ‘winner of Super Bowl 2014 ads’ already, even though it’s still short. The Axe Peace project is pretty cool btw: with #kissforpeace they support peace one day. They’ve made a whole line of products called Axe Peace which are part of this project. The website still says coming soon: I’m curious as to what their further plans are after the Super Bowl.

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  1. January 22, 2014

    […] 2nd. Anyways, this Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial teaser is pretty well done, but I do favor the Axe Super Bowl commercial – Make love not war commercial. So […]

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