Audi Super Bowl commercial preview: Sarah McLachlan and doberhuahua

The Audi Super Bowl commercial preview is…interesting, to say the least. In less than a minute, we see and hear Sarah McLachlan singing about the doberhuahua. After the introduction of the lovely looking Sarah we see Doberhuahua dogs in typical dog situations. For instance, ripping up the couch pillows, getting their Instragram photo taken, walking on the beach by the sea…


The 43 second video ends with the Audi logo and their slogan ‘trust in engineering’. As this is the second automotive Super Bowl commercial we posted, we got some comparison material now for the Volkswagen Algorithm commercial preview. As much as I liked that one for ‘Germaness’ and Americans looking at American fun stuff, this one by Audi has got me intrigued. What’s up with the doberhuahua dogs? And why is Sarah McLachlan singing about them?

In any case, this one’s made me more curious about the end result of the Audi Super Bowl commercial being launched on Feb 2nd than the one Volkswagen did. Or is that just me?


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