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coors-light-ice-bar-jean-claude-van-damme-video-ad-commercial 0

Coors Light Ice Bar with Jean-Claude van Damme

After his Volvo Trucks epic split, Jean-Claude van Damme keeps at it with video commercials. Here’s the new Coors Light Ice Bar commercial starring Jean-Claude van Damme as ice sculptor. In the commercial we...

Bra Party! Hunkemöller shoppable video 0

Bra Party! Hunkemöller shoppable video

The Bra Party! Hunkemöller shoppable video is one of YouTube’s first interactive videos when it comes to shopping. The video shows Dutch famous glamour woman Sylvie Meis walking down a hotel hallway. She is...

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Do it for Denmark! by Spies Rejser travel agency

Danish travel agency Spies Rejser has launched ‘Do it for Denmark!’. It’s a competition with a brilliant video to encourage Danish people to have sex, to counter declining birth rates. Spies’ promotional video shows...

XXL-airport-love-commercial-video-sports-outdoor-olympics-sochi 0

XXL Airport Love commercial during Olympics Sochi

By now you’ve probably seen and heard the protests surrounding the Sochi Olympics regarding the Russian anti-gay laws. In steps the XXL Airport Love commercial which will have you smiling for a while. XXL...