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Budweiser-Super-Bowl-XLVIII-commercial-Puppy-Love 1

Budweiser Super Bowl commercial – Puppy Love

The Budweiser Super Bowl commercial this year involves puppies and horses. We posted the Bud Light preview with Arnold Schwarzenegger before, but this is in a bit different style. Here we see the friendship...

volkswagen-super-bowl-commercial-teaser-algorithm-feature 2

Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial teaser – Algorithm

Volkswagen is ‘working on it’ as they say: they’re next in the Super Bowl teasers list. The Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial teaser involves a scientific(looking) approach, dubbed ‘Algorithm’. The ‘scientist’ (German accent involved, of...

axe-super-bowl-commercial-make-love-not-war-2014 1

Axe Super Bowl commercial: Make love not war

The 2014 Axe Super Bowl commercial is pretty cool. We already showed a preview of Bud Light’s Arnold warming up, but this one about Axe Peace is very neat. Some classic (cold) war situations...